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" vi - How to exit the Vim editor?
" Hit the <kbd>Esc</kbd> key to enter "Normal mode". Then you can type :
" to enter "Command-line mode". A colon (:) will appear at the bottom of
" the screen and you can type in one of the following commands. To
" execute a command, press the <kbd>Enter</kbd> key.
    " * :q  to quit (short for :quit)
    " * :q! to quit without saving (short for :quit!)
    " * :wq to write and quit
    " * :wq! to write and quit even if file has only read permission (if
" file does not have write permission: force write)
    " * :x  to write and quit (similar to :wq, but only write if there
" are changes)
    " * :exit to write and exit (same as :x)
    " * :qa to quit all (short for :quitall)
    " * :cq to quit without saving and make Vim return non-zero error
" (i.e. exit with error)
" You can also exit Vim directly from "Command mode" by typing ZZ to
" save and quit (same as :x) or ZQ to just quit (same as :q!). (Note
" that case is important here. ZZ and zz do not mean the same thing.)
" Vim has extensive help - that you can access with the :help command -
" where you can find answers to all your questions and a tutorial for
" beginners.
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