$ curl cheat.sh/
# To display everything in <dir>, excluding hidden files:
ls <dir>

# To display everything in <dir>, including hidden files:
ls -a <dir>

# To display all files, along with the size (with unit suffixes) and timestamp:
ls -lh <dir>

# To display files, sorted by size:
ls -S <dir>

# To display directories only:
ls -d */ <dir>

# To display directories only, include hidden:
ls -d .*/ */ <dir>

# To display all files sorted by changed date, most recent first:
ls -ltc 

# To display files sorted by create time:
ls -lt

# To display files in a single column:
ls -1

# To show ACLs (MacOS):
# see also `cheat chmod` for `/bin/chmod` options for ACLs
/bin/ls -le

# To show all the subtree files (Recursive Mode):
ls -R

# ls
# List directory contents.
# More information: <https://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/ls>.

# List files one per line:
ls -1

# List all files, including hidden files:
ls -a

# List all files, with trailing `/` added to directory names:
ls -F

# Long format list (permissions, ownership, size, and modification date) of all files:
ls -la

# Long format list with size displayed using human-readable units (KiB, MiB, GiB):
ls -lh

# Long format list sorted by size (descending):
ls -lS

# Long format list of all files, sorted by modification date (oldest first):
ls -ltr

# Only list directories:
ls -d */

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