$ curl cheat.sh/

    $ curl cheat.sh/TOPIC       show cheat sheet on the TOPIC
    $ curl cheat.sh/TOPIC/SUB   show cheat sheet on the SUB topic in TOPIC
    $ curl cheat.sh/~KEYWORD    search cheat sheets for KEYWORD



    q                  quiet mode, don't show github/twitter buttons
    T                  text only, no ANSI sequences
    style=STYLE        color style

    c                  do not comment text, do not shift code (QUERY+ only)
    C                  do not comment text, shift code (QUERY+ only)
    Q                  code only, don't show text (QUERY+ only)

Options can be combined together in this way:

    curl 'cheat.sh/for?qT&style=bw'

(when using & in shell, don't forget to specify the quotes or escape & with \)

Special pages:

    :help               this page
    :list               list all cheat sheets
    :post               how to post new cheat sheet
    :cht.sh             shell client (cht.sh)
    :bash_completion    bash function for tab completion
    :styles             list of color styles
    :styles-demo        show color styles usage examples
    :random             fetches a random cheat sheet

Shell client:

    $ curl https://cht.sh/:cht.sh > ~/bin/cht.sh
    $ chmod +x ~/bin/cht.sh
    $ cht.sh python :learn
    $ cht.sh --shell

Tab completion:

    $ mkdir -p ~/.bash.d/
    $ curl cheat.sh/:bash_completion > ~/.bash.d/cht.sh
    $ . ~/.bash.d/cht.sh
    $ echo '. ~/.bash.d/cht.sh' >> ~/.bashrc

Editor integration:

    :emacs              see the page for the Emacs configuration
    :vim                see the page for the Vim configuration


    /~snapshot          look for "snapshot" in the first level cheat sheets
    /~ssh~passphrase    several keywords can be combined together using ~
    /scala/~closure     look for "closure" in scala cheat sheets
    /~snapshot/r        look for "snapshot" in all cheat sheets recursively

You can use special search options after the closing slash:

    /~shot/bi           case insensitive (i), word boundaries (b)

List of search options:

    b   word boundaries
    i   case insensitive search
    r   recursive

Programming languages topics:

Each programming language topic has the following subtopics:

    hello               hello world + how to start the program
    :learn              big cheat sheet for learning language from scratch
    :list               list of topics
    :random             fetches a random cheat sheet belonging to the topic

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