$ curl cheat.sh/
You can add a new entry to a cheat sheet or create a new cheat sheet
in one of the following ways (your cheat sheet will be eventually added
to chubin/cheat.sheets):

1. With curl:

    cat ${cheatsheet} | curl -F 'newcmd=<-' cheat.sh
    curl --data-binary @${cheatsheet} cheat.sh/newcmd
   newcmd is the the name of the command you want to post
   (use your @twitter or email@ in the post).
2. With git:

    # clone chubin/cheat.sheets
    git pull https://github.com/${you}/cheat.sheets && cd cheat.sheets
    cp ${cheatsheet} newcmd
    git add newcmd
    git commit -m 'added newcmd cheat sheet' newcmd
    git push
    # send pull request 

3. With a browser:
    Go to the end of the cheat sheet, click the dollar sign with the mouse
    and post your cheat sheet. It will be saved automatically and reviewed.

When writing an entry for a cheat sheet, please keep in mind:

    1. We don't try to repeat manuals and documentation sites
    2. We don't try to document each and every special usage case of a tool
    3. We try to find and gather the most interesting usage cases

If you want contribute to the project, but you have no idea what 
cheat sheet you should post, check the list of the most wanted cheat sheets:


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